My Mission

Bringing Awareness so that I may help provide an education for and share hope with the children of Tanzania

My goal is to not only help kids in Tanzania but kids here in America as well.  Through my outreach students will be able to learn more about Africa, recognizing the different ways of life and realizing how fortunate they are. This will motivate them to improve their lives and the lives of others. Through this program we will build friendships and connect the two worlds into one.  Well-educated kids in America will be able to teach to those who live in Tanzania.  Health education, life education, rights, dreams, and imaginations will all prosper through this effort.

I am working with organizations like NTC (Newton Tanzania Collabrative) who’s mission is to improve educational opportunities for Tanzanian children through participatory development initiatives and relationship building between schools and communities in The United States and Tanzania.  Their current focus is building libraries and fund raising for Tanzanian schools.

Please help me provide education to children in need and to reduce poverty for future generations.

Thank you for your support.