Keeping up with Queen...

Change for a Chance

Change for a Chance is my outreach program at Franklin High School in Franklin, MA. 

The goal of Change for a Chance is to not only help students in Tanzania but also help students here in America.


Through my outreach students learn more about Africa, recognize the different ways of life, realize how fortunate they are, and learn how to empower and help themselves in their struggles. This will motivate them to improve their lives and the lives of others.

Through this program, I am hoping to build friendships and connect the two worlds into one.

Queen and her Change for a Chance Club were also featured in the April 7, 2012 edition of the Franklin High School Newspaper the The Panther Book


Newton-Tanzania Collaborative

What is NTC? NTC, or Newton-Tanzania Collaborative as it was initially known, was formed in 2006 when then Boston University Economics student Ross Lohr wanted to change the plight of the desperately poor he was learning about in his classes.  He created an organization where he could help people with the means and the desire to make a difference see that their efforts and donations can and do make a very tangible positive impact on the lives of the most needy.

NTC’s Mission Is:

To improve educational opportunities for Tanzanian children through participatory development initiatives and relationship building between schools and communities in the United States and Tanzania.

NTC’s Goals for 2012 are:

  1. 1.Connect 10 American and Tanzanian 3rd grade classrooms through the Village Reading Corner classroom to classroom initiative.

  2. 2.Build two libraries at primary schools in the Kwala Ward of the District of Kibaha in the Region of Pwani.

  3. 3.Facilitate two group trips to Tanzania in Summer, 2012.

  4. 4.Provide scholarships to 15 at-risk girls for an entire year of secondary school


Rotary Youth Leadership Awards


The Rotary Club's leadership training program for young people.

Queen was chosen to join this group in 2010 along with other sophomores from across the state. She has enjoyed this experience very much. She has grown as a leader and in 2011 became a group facilitator.

Other activities I am involved with:

  1. Student Government

  2. Mirage - Literacy Club

  3. Panther Book - School On-line News Paper

  4. Peer Leadership

  5. Peer Mentoring Mediation

  6. Mock Trial Participant

  7. Theater